Thursday, May 1, 2008

She's my foo-foo dog

Wayne started it. Shortly after we got Ginger, our beloved dachshund, he somehow came up with this ridiculous name of "foofy" dog which we shortened to "foo-foo". I think it comes from the fact that she is prissy and like every good baby dog(baby dog means that this dog takes the place of baby #3 which never found it's way from the stork's nest to our house, or maybe he got sidetracked in the cabbage patch, but anyways, this dog is ordained by my husband to be an outlet for all my maternal urges. I am allowed to babytalk, cuddle and love on this sweet baby in place of a real baby, who requires daycare arrangements as well as eventual college funding!)she goes absolutely bonkers when I walk in the door until I stop and pay complete attention to her.

I love this dog,and she loves me-- I think maybe more than my two-legged children. It looks like she is dead in this picture, but she is enjoying a leisure sun bath after her morning bowl of Old Roy.


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