Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a circus

If you could spend 20 minutes inside my mind it would terrify you! I am so ADD, mixed with alot of OCD,  I have random thoughts and lots of them that get repeated over and over!

Wayne has learned to accpet(or ignore)  my strange though patterns, and the girls, well they just think I'm plain weird and obnoxious.  It's funny that I started running as a way to cope with stress and the neverending stream of thoughts that seem to flow from only God knows where.  When I run, it's one of the only times I am able to process my thoughts in a succinct way.  Even then it can be pretty random.  Usually I try to listen to either Mark Driscoll, Andy Stanley or Matt Chandler preach on my ipod.  I need all the Jesus I can get. Seriously! But today, I left my ipod at home and just let my mind roam. Here's a sample of what I thought in no particular order.

.....If I jumped in that lake would it be cold, and could I make it across?
.....When I get done running tonight, I am eating a chocolate donut, it's gonna taste sooooo good,....wait I think the box on the counter was empty.
.....I'm so sad Biggest Losers is over, what am I gonna watch tonight?
.....Why doesn't that guy over there ever wave? Seriously, I wave every time and he just looks at me.
.....Next I spent about ten minutes making a shopping list from Walmart
.....Figured out what I needed to do with 3 of my patients  at the clinic
.....worried about Leslie going to college
.....worried about leslie not going to college

You get the idea. Running is my therapy.  It's cheap and does wonders for my legs at the same time!


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