Sunday, June 6, 2010

Silas Osborne

Silas Osborne was a hard working man from Virginia. He loved the land, and loved his family. He had 5 children: Betty, Johnny, George, Tommy and Susie. These two are the only ones left on this earth. Silas and Hattie, along with their other three children wait for the rest of us on the other side.

George and Susie

Aunt Susie is very special to me. I never met Wayne's mom, Betty. She was already in heaven when I met Wayne. I feel like I know her from all the stories I've heard, but Wayne always says to "Aunt Susie is the closest thing on this earth to what my mom was like. Whenever I'm around her, I  listen to every word she says. I relish the sound of her sweet Virginia hill accent. I study the lines on her face, the way her lip curls, alot like Wayne when she smiles.  The way she lovingly rubs your arm when she talks to you.  I lov it when she says "well, honey...."  and sometimes I feel like I've spent time with Ms. Betty even though we've never actually met.
Silas never met all the generations that would come from his love for Hattie.  

Friday morning, we gathered to wish his son Tommy goodbye.  We climbed the hill in the countryside to the family graveyard.  We saw the place where Silas and Hattie are laid to rest, and his brother Johnny. I looked into the faces of all the Osbornes that gathered.  Mostly, I watched Uncle George and thought about how much he reminds me of Wayne.
The old folks were solemn.  They realize that they are much closer to the other side, than the children that ran around. laughing and climbing in the old barn.
I thought about that fact, that even on a day when death takes from us, the promise of new life is all around us.  The same country side that receives our dead, gives us a promise, through new life of a bloom that those of us who belong to Him will rise to new life as well.
Another Osborne waits for the rest of us in heaven, and the ones left, carry a heritage of faith, family and love.


Sally said...

What a wonderful tribute to Wayne's family. It's evident in all Wayne does that he comes from good stock!

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