Saturday, September 27, 2008

Date Night

I spent all day at church. We had a 6 hour choir practice for our Christmas musical and surprisingly I had a great time. I seem to have forgotten that both girls were sending the night with friends, so when I got home, Wayne had plans to take me to dinner. We tried a new place on the lake called Richland Creek. It was so good. I had the grouper basket and Wayne had the grouper sandwich. We topped it all off with creme brulee, my absolute hands down favorite dessert! I indulged despite the fact that after three weeks of working out with my trainer, I have gained 3 lbs.

We wandered around CVS Pharmacy, I bought thank you notes and Wayne bought JUJU Fruits, evidently he is not a creme brulee fan. When we got home, we sat on the back deck on the swing and read the paper. Is it me or do we sound like Andy Griffith? Anyways, as he watches Georgia vs. Alabama, I decided to go take a long soak in the tub, and paint my toenails "Powderpuff Pink".

Let me show you what happens when you let your children and their friends run in the streets at night:
Hmm, yes and why are you in the middle of the street in the dark my child?

Ok, this really was a good picture Leslie, but you are still not allowed in the street .

Have a great rest of the weekend!


DeAnna said...

I'm laughing thinking how hard it must be to fuss at your kids for any crazy antics, will all the stuff you did. :)

By the way, just became "friends" with Kim Z and the rest of the family on facebook. I didn't know if you had gotten in contact with her since you asked me about her. Totally wouldn't recognize her, long hair, lots of makeup, totally foregone her love for sports for a life of cosmetology.... obviously kidding, :) not only has she not changed, she doesn't even look like she's aged at all, lucky bum. :)

Heather said...

I love your new picture - The girls are beautiful - just like their mama.

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