Saturday, September 13, 2008

sushi, Ike and bad dancing all in one night

Friday night was fun time! We dropped the girls off at church for their weekend retreat and then went and ate sushi. Our next stop was to see "Righteous Kills" It absolutely exhausted me. What with all the suspense, shootings and F-bombs I nearly had a breakdown. I must be getting old fast because I kept having "Judy McNabb" (my mom) thoughts all night that sounded like this "Oh my, Is all of that cursing really necessary?" Now we are glued to CNN to see what havoc Ike is creating in Texas. Lots of prayers tonight for those poor folks!
I found this video on a blog I like to read. It reminded me of my independent baptist childhood in a weird sort of way. This may very well be a picture of what I aspired to be in my adolescence. Oh yeah, I had moves almost as good as this. Coupled with Christian lyrics, these folks were well before their time:


Hollie said...

you crack me up!

Darcy said...

That video is great, I can't wait to show my husband!

Anonymous said...

Ok that video was was WAY too extreme for church those people at that church should be ashamed of themselves. ;-P

DeAnna said...

ROFL!!!!!!! Is that video for real??

I have those same moments, where we are watching a movie and I find myself going "Oh my", or "that's unncessary" at all the cussing or other things. Normallly this iso out loud and in a movie theater so that I really seem old. I so refuse to turn into my mother, but little by little I'm at least getting closer to being her than my much younger, so much cooler (Ha) self. :)

DeAnna said...

I'm so disappointed, the video is no longer available. I sent my friend to your site to watch this and it says no longer available -- something to do with copyright infringement, guess they don't want their moves to get copied. :)

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