Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good things


My Sunday was full of good things----
Our worship service was so good this morning
We sang one of my favorite songs...
"How great Thou Art"

A two hour nap
Slept so hard I think I woke myself up snoring.

Had a meeting about our mission trip to Macedonia.
It is only two weeks away!
I'm getting really excited.

Ate dinner with friends at IHOP.
The chicken fajita omelet was the bomb!

My family just devoured the chocolate chip pound cake I made yesterday.
They left me this piece or two to have with my coffee
while Wayne and I watch
"Extreme Home Makeover"


DeAnna said...

We missed Extreme Home Makeover last night (ate with my parents) -- was it a new one? That's my favorite Sunday night thing to do. Thanks for the encouragement with my "menu" -I've got to try somehow to get healthy and organized. If I go and start looking at some of the others that have menus done up, I am overcome with how great they are doing and just want to go grab some fast food and ice cream to wash my sorrows away. :)

Liquidspider said...

Sounds like the Welch family are party animals. I'm not sure we could keep up with you guy's. :^)

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