Monday, June 1, 2009

0 to 16 in 5 seconds

That's how fast times seems to fly. She came into our world on a beautiful spring Sunday. On her daddy's birthday. She announced her entrance with a head of red curls and a loud wail. I turned around and she was missing a tooth and headed to school with her Barney backpack, scared to death. A few seconds later she was all arms and legs, braces and shy. Now I see a tall, beautiful young woman. Still arms and legs, but less awkward and more graceful. Still shy, but excited about what the future holds. Rarely hugs me, but when she does, I try to hold on to her a few extra seconds. Sixteen years. It passes in a flash. How can I begrudge the passing of time, when it gives me a beautiful gift like this?


DeAnna said...

She is beautiful!! I don't even want to think about time flying by this fast. Hope she had a great birthday --- you did buy her a fancy set of wheels right?

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