Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Heather

Happy Birthday Heather

In observance of Heather's birthday.......

10 reasons why I love my little sister

1. She grew 3 beautiful children

2.She always let me sleep with her when I got scared at night.

3. She listens without judgement to anything I tell her, and always makes me feel that my moments of insanity are perfectly normal!

4. She has great fashion sense!

5.She totally gets our mother.

6.She lives the farthest away, but always comes down south for family get together.

7.She loves her family with everything she has.

8.She loves God more.

9.She can cook way better than me.

10.There are countless hours we played Gilligan's Island, mermaids, cops and robbers and "pretend wrestling" and Little House on the Prairie. All the things that make for sweet childhood memories!

I love you Heather, Happy Birthday!


Heather said...

So I was depressed the days leading up to my birthday - at this stage I am not so happy about getting older - but I feel so loved today, how can I be depressed.

Thank you - I am so thankful God gave me you as a sister! Love you so much!

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