Monday, June 29, 2009

living proof

Have you ever seen God live out a verse in front of your very eyes? I experienced that this weekend! Romans 8:28 is probably the most frequently quoted "suffering' verse in the whole Bible. People love to quote it especially to someone who is eating dust on the dirt road of life. My friends Robin and Andy have eaten some dust lately. The last 2 months have been, well, hard on them. God allowed them to go through some really painful circumstances that quite honestly I didn't understand. It all became so very clear this weekend. God has opened up a wonderful place of ministry for them. You know what? All things really do work out for the good to those who love Christ. These two kids love Christ with a white hot passion. I personally witnessed God just opening up heaven and pouring out his love beyond what they could ask or imagine.

It so so cool when you actually see the Holy Scriptures up close and in living color in your life! I did more than just quote that verse this morning, I repeated those sweet words, sweeter than honey, looked up to the face of God and smiled. My heart poured out a song of thanksgiving for them. Thank you God for being a God of truth. Thank you for being our provider, a very present help in trouble. Thank you for being the All Sufficient One. Thank you God that Your words are not just words, they are life! I saw it, I experienced them first hand!

Do you know what that does to your faith? It gives it a jolt! It makes me know I can believe that You see me. You know where I am. In the middle of circumstances that are sad and frustrating, I know you haven't forgotten me. You know where I am. You plans for me are not chaos. They are to bring me to an expected end.


Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

It gets me so pumped up about what I am talking about on Wednesday night...extraordinary faith...God is SOOOO good!

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