Monday, September 21, 2009

850 miles

That's about how many miles I've logged in these shoes. I'm a little obsessive about my running shoes. I never ever wear them for anything except running. After I've logged about 800 miles they are shot and then they can become outside shoes, but until then, to wear them everyday would break them down too quick. These particular shoes were a new brand, Saucony. They were OK, but my heart and feet really belong to Adidas Cushion Response. Best running shoe for someone like me with really high arches. I bought these on a whim, and while they are OK, I'm going back to Adidas. I usually only put about 500 miles on a pair of shoes, or roughly 6 months, but I didn't run all spring, and then this summer I ran like a mad woman. When I felt my inner left knee begin to ache a little I knew the tell tell sign of worn shoes. I sat down and roughly figured that I probably put about 850 miles on these girls. That would be like me running to my sister's house in Michigan. I always feel a little sadness at letting go of my old pair. They have run many a mile with me, listened to many a Toby Mac song, sometimes heard me cry, and many times carried me while I sorted out the complexities of my life.

I can't say they make me feet any prettier, but at least my lungs and heart are strong and they sure have helped in the fight to keep my mind sane!

Goodbye, Saucony's your job is done, and come this weekend, there will be a new pair of girls in town, a shiny pair of Adidas Cushion Responses, size 9. Maybe even pink!


Cathryn said...

My friend Sheryl went to RunFit (or something) in Macon and got fitted for shoes. She says its the best money she has ever spent on shoes in her whole life. They put you on a computer mat and it figures out the best shoes for your feet. Sounds really cool. I think the shoes were about $150.

Heather said...

I am with you - I have had several different types of tennis shoes but Adidas are my favorites I come back too. (Mine are green!)

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