Friday, September 25, 2009

That one small hour

Now that I have come to terms with Leslie driving (which basically means I am no longer stalking her every move once she leaves the driveway) I am beginning to realize the benefit of no longer being the main Welch chauffeur.
Every morning I have an hour that is totally mine. The girls leave the house at 7:30, then Wayne follows after that leaving me all alone. I have one hour of uninterrupted peace and tranquility. It's my favorite part of the day. I can do whatever I want in the hour. I can leisurely get ready for work, with the Today show blaring in the background. Or I can sit out on my porch drinking my second cup of coffee and read or watch the squirrels play. I can even do laundry and clean up the kitchen. I usually waste it on the internet, reading my favorite blogs. But its my hour. That one small hour makes all the difference in my day!


Heather said...

Something that's your own to do with what you please - that is a true gift.

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