Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who in the heck is Lottie Moon?

I was raised independent baptist. The implications of becoming southern baptist would fill up a post longer than you are interested in reading, trust me. One of my most favorite things about being southern baptist, besides wearing "britches", and singing praise and worship, is the missions program. My past experience is that God called you to be a missionary and then you went around to almost every independent baptist church in the US begging for support, and usually in about 4-5 years you gathered up enough funding to go to your ministry.

Southern baptist have an awesome system for sending missionaries to foreign lands. You sign up with IMB, are interviewed, attend training after meeting the qualifications, and being accepted. After training, you are sent to your field of ministry.

No traveling around for years on end begging for money. No, thanks to Lottie Moon offering, missionaries are supported fully.

So who in the heck is Lottie Moon?

I have been studying her life over the last few weeks and she totally rocked international missions in China.

Lottie Moon was a short little woman (4 ft. 11 in), the daughter of rich Virginian aristocrats (that means rich land owners). She was pretty much destined for easy street, hang around the plantation, dress up and going to parties, marry a rich good looking aristocrat in training, have babies, and fan your self down by the river.

Well, she captured the eye of many young men, but she knew God had a plan for her life that did not involve plantation parties. She attended school, almost never heard of in that time, and became a teacher. She then even started a school for indigent children in our own state of Georgia.

I think what I like best about Lottie Moon was she had a fiercely independent, outspoken personality. She blazed the path for women in the southern baptist church. She was told over the things she wanted to accomplish were too hard for a woman. She informed her critics "I'm not asking your permission, I am informing you that this is the task to which I have been called."

How did she move from a Virginian schoolteacher, to a ethnically entrenched Chinese missionary?........stay tuned......


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