Thursday, December 3, 2009

I guess you're never really ready

A really good friend of mine had a really bad day. Her elderly father had a stroke.  He's nearly 90.  He has done every single thing he's wanted to do in life. He loves God, his family and has been blessed indeed.  As I stood in the hall of the ER with her, her eyes filled up with tears and splashed down her cheeks.  Through quivering lips she said, "He's ready, I guess I'm not."
Strange, a sixty year old woman should be ready to let go of her dad. She's taken care of him on a daily basis for the last decade.  She knows he has no regrets, and neither does she.
Strange, even in the best of circumstances, I guess you're never really ready to let go. 


Bridget said...

Listen to this:
(Sara Groves' "What Do I Know")

Heather said...

I guess it goes both ways - I always tell the kids they will forever be my babies - so that only means we have to have a mama & daddy there.

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