Tuesday, December 29, 2009

look what I did yesterday

Ever since we took the pool down this summer, (does it make me a redneck to swim in a pool that I can put "up" and "down"?) I have  been wanting to take off that part of the deck and make that portion a garden. 
Yesterday I got up early, got Wayne's crowbar and mallet from his shop, and what you see above is the result of four hours of hard work.  The standing rail and stairs are going down, but Wayne will have to do that. The  area where the deck was was will be my daylily/vegetable garden this summer.
When Wayne got home I told him that I really liked working on a project today that had results I could see. Being a nurse means listening to people tell you how bad they feel, treating them, and they leave. You don't see them better, because they only come back if they feel bad again. Sometimes I feel like I never see results from what I do.
Wayne informed me that if I had to build decks and install gutters for a living, the Welchs' would probably starve to death, and there is no way he would be a nurse. I guess I'll stick to what I know, but for one winter morning I was the woman with a tool belt!


Anonymous said...

That might be as therapeutic as blogging or journaling! If you find anymore destruction projects, give me a call...I need it!

Britney said...

Look at you using the muscles. Are you sore yet? Looks good.

meganluttrull said...

Give a girl a sledge-hammer and you never know what might happen!!!! - I totally know whatyou mean about finishing a project... There is nothing better to me than being bone-tired from working on something tough and getting the job done. Especially all by myself!!!! - You go girl!!!

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