Monday, May 10, 2010

Orthostatic Hypotension

Whenever anyone asks me a medical question I love to answer in technical terms.  It makes me feel smart, and the person always asking the question, thinks that something is REALLY bad wrong.

Any ways, today, I experienced a phenomena known as orthostatic hypotension.  Here's what happened:
I ran 4 miles at the gym. Yeah Me!  I am trying to whip this tired old 41 yr old body into shape so I can at least complete the Tar Baby next month.  It was no exageration to say that I was shaking and sweating when I was through. There was literally no dry spot on my body, yeah and I smelled pretty good too.  I remembered that I needed to stop at Kroger ( my new most favorite grocery store) because of course I had a coupon for pizza sauce.

I thought I could get in and out without anyone seeing or smelling me.  So I sprinted in and ducked down the pizza aisle.  I bent down from the waist and shuffled round the jars, until I found the sauce I needed.  I popped up, spun around and everything went black.  You know that pins and needle feeling you get before you hit the ground? Yeah my fingers were tingly and the worst thing was I was thinking, "Man I don't want to fall down and knock stuff over", so I squatted down in the aisle, and put my head down.  It took about 3 sec for the blood to pump back in my foggy brain, but not fast enough for me to get up on my feet, and out of the way before a lady rolled over my finger with her cart. I'm not sure, but I think the throbbing from my finger was just the jolt I needed to clear my brain.  I wasn't taking any chances, I picked up a pack of M&M's just in case.

Orthostatic Hypotension. It'll get ya' if you are in too big of a hurry!


Roxanne said...

I may not understand all your medical jargon, but "M&M's" is a language I speak!

Hope your finger is okay!

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