Saturday, May 1, 2010

There's always family

Tonight, I am sitting in my SIL's bedroom to update with a new post and I am thinking about how much I love family. We are celebrating my niece's upcoming wedding, so today has been filled with conversations about family, love and marriage.

We went to see my niece's new home, which absolutely adorable. It reminded me that about 19 years ago, Wayne and I started out our life in our own little love nest.  I think that part of the joy of  our early married life was not just the wedding, but the whole concept of married life. When you don't cohabitate before marriage, there is the mystery of learning to live with each other. (Some mysteries remain unsolved)  I remember a few days before we got married, Wayne was taking me home, and he told me "I'm tired of going home by myself. I'll be glad when we don't have to say goodbye."
This many years later, I hate to be away from him for very long.  A few days is not too big of a deal, but by day 3, I want him near me.  He's my best friend!

Megan you will love your wedding day, but living with your best friend in your new love nest is the best part of the days to come!


Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

working on 5 years...and it gets better every day!

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