Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday

I take any reason i can to celebrate-- even if it's my own birthday.

I have never been a woman to dread another birthday. I fully embrace a day that is mine alone! I actually celebrated yesterday---
The girls at work took me to Buffington's downtown and I had a HUGE delicious chili cheese burger with cheese fries. Oh Yeah baby!--- It's been 9 long weeks of dieting and yesterday was the day of celebrating all things cheesey---

Wayne and the girls grilled out for me last night and it was wonderful. The best part-- they got me a day at the spa! I'm so excited!

In celebration of turning 39 here are the 10 things to be thankful for as I hit-

1.I have a whole year left before I'm 40.

2.I can run 8 miles-- more than alot of 39 year old women can do!

3.I'm more financially secure than I was 29-- I live in a smaller house and drive an older car :)

4.My children sleep all night.

5 I no longer have to get a babysitter for a date night.

6.I realize what a gift I have in my husband. We laugh and talk alot more and fight alot less than we did at 29.

7.I have learned to say no to things I don't really want to do to make more time for my family.

8. I am still young enough top 20 songs with my girls, but enjoy the "classics" like REO Speedwagon, John Bon Jovi and Phil Collins.

9.I realize I'll never be skinny-- and I'm OK with that.

10. God is patient and loving and invites me to join Him in His plans.


Hollie said...

Happy Birthday to you Stephanie! Hope your day is great! I love your list! What a great take on perspective. You are a wise woman! Love you!

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