Sunday, March 2, 2008

more on Ebay

I am the proud owner of a Kodak Z712 digital camera! I am so excited. I feel like I've broken through the sound barrier and joined all of you hard core bloggers with your fancy shmaansy digital cameras! I tell you, Ebay nearly wore me out. Wayne helped me devise a plan today to outbid those sneaky experienced Ebay bidders form outbidding me at the last minute. I am so excited. My blog page will now become a plethora of interesting and insightful information, accompanied by pictuers galore!

Now an update on biggest losers. If you remember Wayne and I have been virtually starving ourselves, all for good reasons- Wayne has lost 20 lbs, and is now off his BP meds. I have lost 15, and ran the Bobcat Ramble, ( a local 5K) yesterday, finishing with lightening fast speed of 26:45.

Stay tuned for new pictures of the skinny version of our former selves. Soon as I get my camera!


Hollie said... finally got a camera! Digital is great! And way to go on the weight loss too! Y'all are doing great. We will be at Sinclair on March 16th, and I am probably coming to the Women's Ministry Progressive dinner on the 14th! Can't wait to see you!

sammie said...

Steph, I read a post on another blog from you about being a nurse and going 3rd world this year. That is exciting. I've been 3rd world and it caused me to go back to school to pursue nursing. It is so needed and it will break your heart. But you will not want to trade the experiences you have for anything.

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