Friday, March 20, 2009

And here's how we celebrated.....

Wayne took me to the most wonderful B&B in Athens for my birthday. We both left work half day and drove up to Athens. We stayed at the Foundry Inn. It was so awesome. I got the full on spa treatment yesterday afternoon. I could so get a massage every week. It would drastically reduce my stress level. Wayne's reasoning is that if I got a massage every week it would be no big deal, and thus loose it's magic. I think that is just is economic reasoning kicking into high gear. :) Then he took me to Carabba's ( my favorite) for dinner. It has been a trick figuring out how to eat out and keep my gallbladder at rest. I am doing much better, and had the most delicious salmon. Wayne and I just talked and laughed. It seemed so carefree. Seems like for lots of different reasons we've been under stress lately and our usual conversation centers around those stressful things, but last night it was just talking to connect.
When we got home, I realized I had two whole hours to myself before I picked the girls up, so here I sit, telling by blogging friends how great my birthday was, how wonderful my husband is, and knowing that I've had enough goodness in the last 24 hours, to get me through for a long time :)


Heather said...

I think to test Wayne's theory on massages, you need to do a years research and see if they really do loose their magic if you get them all the time:)

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