Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you could care less about my gallbladder you can stop reading now

but for those of you who are nosey, or bored continue on! :) If you remember I posted about my gallbladder trouble here about a month ago. Since then, i went for an ultrasound which revealed no stones and a perfectly normal looking gallbladder. Next step was a HIDA scan which showed that my gb was functioning at about 11% instead of the normal persons 45%. I went to the surgeon who apparently is not to excited about removing a perfectly normal GB that just happens to be sluggish. He advised me that it may be sluggish because I am a stressed person. Who me? You've got to be kidding, or it could be that I had a virus. Whatever! He told me to continue to eat low fat and come back in about 2-3 months if I still had problems. Have you ever heard of a surgeon who did not want to cut you?
Well, I have kept on with the low fat diet and have lost 18 lbs. Sad thing is I guess I needed to lose that and about 25 more because no one has really noticed. I have been pain free for about 10 days so I got brave tonight and ate meatballs and sure enough that nagging pain is up under my rib and shoulder blade.
Funny thing is in January I made this promise to myself to really clean up my diet and eat right. Be careful what you wish for!
As for me, you'll find me in the kitchen trying to figure out a low fat version of fried chicken and macaroni and cheese!


Britney said...

You definitely can tell that you have lost weight! You look really good, not that you didn't look good before now! :) Keep it up, know you would rather have a gallbladder functioning fully though!

DeAnna said...

Wow, 18 pounds! Sorry, no help on the fried chicken replacement, I don't think that's possible. :) Kenny and I were watching Biggest Loser one night and they were talking about instead of eating mashed potatoes to replace them with mashed cauliflower -- WHAT? That's just nasty. If you want to eat cauliflower eat cauliflower, but please don't try and pretend it taste like mashed potatoes. :)

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