Saturday, February 28, 2009

and in other unrelated news.....

My gallbladder is giving me a fit. Yeah, about 3 weeks ago I noticed this irritating pain between my shoulder blades that has now become a burning pain up under my right ribs...every time I eat anything with fat in it. No official "attack" but pretty much constant hot poker. Now the advantage to being an NP is that I ordered bloodwork on myself, which helped me figure out my liver is OK, and I don't have bleeding ulcer, and I scheduled an ultrasound next Friday.
Here's the thing, 1) I'm too young to have gallbladder issues. In my mind I'm 25, and just watching these teenage girls who live at my house for someone else because I'm way too young to have teenagers. It's not that I have a hangup about getting old, I just honestly feel like I'm still 25. 2) I do not want to have surgery. I'm baby. I'm terrified of someone cutting on me. I know what goes on in the OR when the lights go down. I really have no desire to be that unconscious body splayed on the table.
The upside is that I have been eating a strict low fat diet and lost 6 lbs. this week. I feel much better today and all this salad and green apples are paying off. Unfortunately it has made me realize how desperately junkified my diet has become. It was past time for clean up.
Maybe all this good eating will pay off and I can hold off on the knife for a while.


Heather said...

I am so with you - Yes, in my brain I understand that I am 36 - which technically is closer to 40 than 25. But I don't feel much different than 25. Can't figure that one out! Hope your diet helps and that you get feeling better.

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