Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love Notes

I have been reading this book for the last week and I am loving it! It is a day by day read and it delves into how to really develop a deep intimate relationship with God. Basically it discusses the two principles that are never new: Bible reading and prayer. One thing that has really struck me is that I often carry on a one-sided conversation with God. After I ramble out my wish list, I'm up and gone to tackle my daily to-do list. Even as I talk to Him throughout the day, it's mostly me talking, Him listening. How would my life change if I stopped, and just listened? I've tried to stop and just sit before Him and listen. It's a challenge not to let my mind wander. Even more of a challenge, is stopping throughout the day to ask him what He would want me to do in given situations. Interesting. I've found that He is more than willing to talk to me if I will just slow down and listen. Now think about it, what is so urgent that I cannot stop and just listen to what the Creator of the universe wants to say to me? Me. Little ole me. Wait a minute. God wants to talk to me? Yeah, He's been waiting for a while. Smiling as He watches me whirl around with all me plans neatly organized in my mind. Waiting.


Heather said...

Ok - so I have to get this book now!

Dustin, Katie, and Kaleb said...

While I was reading your blog, I didn't click on the link first and I strange..that sounds exactly like the book I have been reading...well, it was! I love it so far and can't put it down. It is amazing how often he talks about just asking God about the smallest day-to-day decisions.

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