Monday, February 9, 2009

weekend blur

I could not have jammed anything else into my weekend. Although I usually prefer a quiet weekend at home, I had such a good time. Here's the run down:
Friday night, it was fun and games and good food at Christine's house with the girls. We played "Catch Phrase" and I found out what "narcissist " means. How did I get to be 39 and never knew the true meaning of that word? I've seen it in print many times, but just skipped over it and never really knew what it mean. Now I know, - someone who thinks very highly of themselves. My friend Jamie, the homeschool mom is super smart! Good thing we were on the same team! :)

Saturday was the day I had been looking forward to all week. We went to the ATL with a bunch of friends and ate at Fogo de Chao. This place is an event. I did not eat all day and went 40 minutes on the elliptical because I knew in advance how much I wanted to enjoy this place. the salad bar is huge and filled with cool stuff like fresh mozzerella, basil dip, artichokes and heart of palm. Not the usual Ruby Tuesdays fare that's for sure! Of course Wayne was much more interested in the heaping plates of meat, every thing you can imagine!
Next we all went down the street to Shakespeare's tavern for "Romeo and Juliet" My first Shakespearean play. It was really kinda cool. Although Wayne leaned over the first ten minutes to inform me in a loud whisper that he did not understand one word that any of the gay men(He did not use those exact words) on stage were saying. Again, I've made it to 39 without really ever absorbing the full story of R&J. Very depressing in a nutshell. I really think there is a dark perverted side to Shakespeare. The girl was only 14. However, on the lighter side, we and our friends laughed our behinds off. Cathryn was convinced we would disown her for inviting us. No way! That story will get lots of mileage every time we tell it!

Sunday was my Dad's birthday celebration and we grilled steaks after church. The highlight of the afternoon was my 2 hour nap that ended with sheet marks I was furiously rubbing off on our way back to church that evening for "dinner and a movie" We watched "Fireproof" and totally loved it. Maybe it's my lingering crush on Kirk Cameron, but the movie was very real and honest. We got a copy of the Love Dare book and so, today I started the journey to a more enriched marriage. Ya'll its been a long day not saying ANYTHING negative to Wayne. He's nearly perfect, but still, I'm weak. He must have skipped ahead in the book because he called me at work and invited me out for lunch. It was the best part of my day!


Anonymous said...

Some friends and I went to Vineville North to watch Fireproof Sunday night. I thought it was great!!

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