Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wayne's cookin...

As my pal Cathryn alluded to in her blog tonight, Tuesday nights are made for the family. They are my favorite night right behind Fridays. For us, it is a night where no one has to be anywhere except at home. Now there is a neat concept. Home together as a family. Is that done anymore? My sis wrote an adorable post about how much her kids love just hanging out around the house. Here's what we are doing right now:

My husband is the best breakfast cook in the universe! Yeah, that is his sexy self making us breakfast on a Tuesday night:
Bacon and.....

In thirty minutes, Biggest Losers is on and the TV belongs to me and Virginia. I've forgotten all about the 80 million students whose noses I wiped all day. Tonight its family time at its best!


Britney said...

Ummm...I think I want to be a Welch kid! Breakfast for dinner is my favorite..especially eating sugar (syrup) and bacon before watching fat people become skinny and fit.

Snotty noses...I am one of them right now :). I did not feel any sinus drainage or anything until today, just a sore throat. I think you jinsked (sp?) me, OR you ARE just an AMAZING NP!! :)

Love you tons!

Liquidspider said...

Yeah I still miss Wayne's fancy breakfasts. I can't wait til the next family get together so Wayne can cook.

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