Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life on the wild side

Living in the country can be tough on a cat. For the most part Seven is a homebody, unlike his friend Grey cat. (Yeah that's his name, Grey cat). He was gone for a couple days last week then showed up with this huge gash in his side limping around. In the country, cats are expendable. So we don't bother with vets much past a rabies shot. If they make it fine and good, but if not, there is always another mouse chaser that will show up. But we are attached to Seven. He's a sweetheart, so I felt bad when he got mauled by....we aren't real sure. Wayne places his bets on a neighbor dog. I tried to take a look at it but he was having none of that. Today he was feeling much better. I'm glad, I would have felt bad if he hadn't made it. He must be a tough cat. Wonder what the other one ended up like? Don't tell Seven, but there are other four legged friends around here who never know what it is like to sweat, sleep in rain, or hunt down their supper.


Heather said...

We have the exact same scenario at our house. Our gray cat has chunks missing from his ear from fights he has gotten in and the black and white cat is a spoiled baby. She doesn't even know how good she has got it. Of course I think the gray cat is happy to get his ear ripped off if it mean getting a few hours away from her.

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