Monday, February 23, 2009

The down side to being a nurse family never really gets to go to the doctor, unless the fever rages on past my best efforts. girls have learned that, if it's not bleeding, you'll be fine.
....Wayne has suffered like a trooper that he is through two kidney stones, while I cheered him on to passing them. kids hear really gross stories involving body fluids and various pain inducing treatments at supper.
....the cure for everything from stomach bug to pneumonia is "take a hot bath, put your pajama bottoms on and get in bed."
.....Vaseline or Tylenol can cure everything.
.....Wayne has extensive knowledge in reproduction, not only from his personal experience, but also from the unbelievable things people want to tell you .
.....being stopped at Walmart by someone telling you all about the color of their mucus.
.....self diagnosing myself with unbelievable illnesses, I should be dead three times by now!


Britney said...

LOL! My mom ran a clinic in E. TN, (small town) and she was all of my teachers NP. So, one saturday morning there was a knock at the door and it was my teacher (really cute, young male) sick and I was in my PJ. I was mortified that this hottie of a teacher saw my in my PJs. hahahaha...

Dinner stories were my favorite though! For some reason my dad can stomach them now! :) Love ya!

Britney said...

umm...that is suppose to be cannot stomach them now! :)

DeAnna said...

My poor girls get the if "you're not bleeding, you're fine", but aren't allowed to talk about bodily functions at the dinner table -- I guess the latter is what makes you a nurse instead of an unsympathetic, I am not buying more bandaids mom. :)

Dustin, Katie, and Kaleb said... true about the dinner conversations! Thanks for your note on my blog! I enjoy reading yours!

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