Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who ya tryin' to please?

I would think that at the age of 39, I have finally won the struggle for approval. Why is it so hard to know what you need to do, do what you need to do, and not worry about what people think? Is there really anyone among us who is truly free from seeking approval from others? I think we all want to be that person, but only on our good days, are we free from the bondage of approval.

It depends on the circumstance, if it involves my husband or children, I care much less what others think. They are mine, don't mess with them. If you criticize me, I stop and listen, and in a few self absorbed minutes can get really unsure of myself over the smallest thing spoken by people that I may or may not even like.

One day, when I become a big girl in Christ, I will listen to Him alone, then take what others say and blow it off of me like the seeds from a dandelion. It's a process. Like Paul, I need to focus on who I'm tryin to please, an audience of One.


Heather said...

I have been taking this relationship class and we were talking about this very thing last week. As crazy as it sounds, we are wired to get our approval of ourselves through what others feel about us. It is only by living in the Holy Spirit, and seeing our worth through Christ that we are free of this.

So I am not sure we will ever be completely free of it - it is just if at that moment we choose to internalize it or just decide to turn it over to the Holy Spirit.

Britney said...

Your words brought tears to my eyes! It is a daily struggle that I fight every second of my life. I just left a group of friends, because what one guy said to me! I felt awful and not accepted, so I left Why does it matter? Why does my happiness and self-worth depend on what others think? Why? Why? Why? I am so often (I mean every second of my life) caught in vain suggestions from others. How I wish I could free myself of this terrible cycle I get caught in daily.

DeAnna said...

I am the same way, sad to say. Don't mess with my husband and kids, but if they say something about them then they're just an idiot anyway. But I can get way too concerned with what others think of me, at least about certain things. Its really horrible, I thought this stuff would end in the teenage years. :)

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