Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hebrews 11 defines faith as having confidence in what you cannot actually see with your eyes, but believing and hoping for what you know God can and do. This great chapter goes on the give review of great Old Testament saints who for various reasons demonstrated great faith.
To be honest, I feel like for the most part I've got really weak faith. Sometimes I think, God's gonna do what He wants, so does my praying really make a difference? Other times, I think, those kind of miracles were for the Old Testament people, and since we have the actual Bible we are never really going to see those wild and crazy things they did.

God has really confronted me and my issue of lack of faith. I've committed myself to really studying Hebrews 11 this next 30 days. Can I really trust God to save me, yet believe that He never really does amazing things any more, like cure cancer or provide things in the "nick of time"? I have thought alot about that lately. What makes us content with a Christian journey that doesn't expect supernatural displays of power as a normal event? Or is it that He is always working, performing supernatural acts, and I'm just not noticing. Maybe a little of both?

Like the official in the book of Mark, I have faith, but want so much more! So I say with him, " Lord I believe, help my unbelief!"


Tina G said...

Those miracles ARE happening all around us.... we just sometimes don't have the eyes we need to see them! Most times mine are focused on so many other things! I think I will study Hebrews 11 too, thanks for the tip ! Love ya!

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