Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Countdown to 40

In two days I will be 40! Forty! 4-0. I'm not one to get all bothered by a number, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I still feel like I'm 25. Being 40 is fabulous and I think I'm not nearly as old acting or looking as some people I know that are 40. Here is my secrets to youth:

1) Be active- running is now more about mental health than weight control. I am a straight up nut if I don't run.
2) Laugh- don't be so serious. Everything is funny, even you! If you haven't ever stopped and realized how utterly ridiculous you are, you need to loosen up!
3) If it looks fun try it. Go somewhere new, eat something you've never tried before.
4) Talk to strangers. Other people are incredibly interesting. It's not all about you.
5) Crossword puzzles. Stimulate the brain.
6)Lovin'- from my kids, from my dog, and especially from my man! Receiving and giving love is life's greatest gift.
When you feel young inside, you look young outside.


Roxanne said...

In one month, I hit 3-0! Such wonderful advice (as always).

And for the record, I agree, you don't look or act 40!

Britney said...

You surely don't look 40 by any means! So, that is definitely a good thing! Plus, you are not crabby at all either! Love you so much! Happy Birthday too!

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