Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The birthday that never was

If you read my 40th birthday post, you'll remember that Wayne pulled out all the stops for my big 4-0. Of course, I wanted to make his birthday, which was also his 40th, extra special. So I got him what every rednecked, southern boy would want------a chance to drive NASCAR. I am terrible at keeping secrets, so I have been about to bust for the last 2 months.

We went camping this weekend, one of his favorite things to do, and after a leisure, campfire breakfast of sausage and eggs, I presented him with his gift and he went wild with excitement. Ok, well he smiled and said "That's cool!" That's about as wild as he gets!

We stumbled out of bed last Sunday morning at 5 am, drove 2 hours south of where we were camping in the misting rain to get to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The excitement was palpable, Ok, well me and the girls slept the whole way while he munched on a chocolate donut and drove. Let me just say, I had a bad feeling this day was going down the tubes the closer we got to the track. The whole setup was really neat, and he got registered despite his expired license which I covered in prayer, thank you Jesus! He got to attend his class on drivers safety, hand signals, whatever the heck they tell you while me and the girls watched to misting rain and the stupid "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie they played for our entertainment.

After his class was over, he joined the other drivers in these big trucks that went around the track while we watched and wondered why we didn't stop for breakfast, because the only thing there was to eat, was stale coffee cake they gave us and a beat up apple I found in the bottom of my purse.

Finally, after staring at the track for another 30 minutes, they decided to call the day and offer a "rain check" (no pun intended). We were almost relieved, as we were comatose from the early morning drive/sleep. Wayne assured me 15 times that he was not disappointed and then we headed off to Waffle House for some grub and then made the 2 hour trek back to the campground. The best part of the day was the 2 hour nap in the camper while it poured rain outside. Seriously! I love to sleep when it pours rain on that metal roof!

As a consolation prize, we ventured out to see Star Treck and ate at Outback, so I didn't feel too badly for his botched up birthday. Anyways I get a weekend to Talledega out of the deal this summer, heck I might even get a Bill Elliott T-shirt out of the deal. Don't you dare ask who Bill Elliott is in this house. That is blasphemy to Wayne!


Liquidspider said...

You should ask for a Jeff Gorden Shirt. lol Even though it didn't work out all the way it sounded like it was a day focused on Wayne which in a guys book is a good day.

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