Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm a bad patient, but I've got a great nurse

Well, by God's grace I survived lap surgery yesterday. It was quite an ordeal. I suck as a patient. The nurse in me 1) always allows for the worst case scenario 2) does not want any assistance with personal hygiene, or exposure of my body parts to the world 3) has no tolerance for pain whatsoever and I'll pass out at the drop of a hat. There you go. I'm a terrible patient but I must admit I've had some fantastic nurses.
To begin with, I had my own personal cheerleading group at the hospital on Thursday. You would have thought I was having open heart surgery, but it was so sweet to have my precious girlfriends there to pray over me. My pastor Andy was there too! So sweet, even though he's not my official pastor anymore, he'll always be my pastor! I was so glad he stopped by.
I go to church with David, the CRNA who put me to sleep. That was good, because I told him I wanted to be WAY out before any tube came near my throat. He obliged and all I remember is him asking me something about work then I responded blah, blah and next thing I know, my sweet friend, Jessica the recovery room nurse was talking to me and I was in recovery minus 1 gallbladder. She was so sweet and I am glad I was with her, in case of any offensive or inappropriate comments I may have made under the influence of anesthesia. She loved on me and then the next thing I remember from the fog, was Wayne helping me inside.
He has been the best nurse ever, besides poking pain pills down my throat every four hours, he has waited on me hand and foot, made me grits and brought me drinks, patted me on the back when I cried and reassured me I was fine. I love him. He puts up with alot.
I'm gonna go, my friends brought me dinner. It's times like this that you realize it's kinda nice to be needy once in a while.


Britney said...

I am glad you made it through, and you are recovering well. I hear that most nurses are not good patients. :) love and miss you! Sending well wishes and prayers your way.

Heather said...

Its hard to let people take care of you - but do it. Its good for them and you!

Hollie said...

Sounds like having it at ORMC was a GREAT experience! Thank GOD for good nurses! Glad everything is going well! Love you! See you soon!

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