Monday, May 25, 2009

Knit one Purl two

This is my latest hobby attempt. I grew up with mother that crocheted constantly. We have all been the recepiants of beautiful afghans, crotchet baby blankets, sweaters and booties. We all learned to crosstitch. (Anybody from the 80's??) So I feel somewhat behind in the learning curve and figured I better pick up some kind of sewing/creative/hobby before my grand kids come over and I have nothing better to do than watch "Three's Company" reruns with them all afternoon.

I mean, I want to be the cool cat at the baby shower who gets all the ooohs and aaahs when my gift is opened complete with "Oh my gosh, did you make that? It's beautiful!" comments. Instead I usually show up with the 14th set of onesises and pack of diapers. Necessary, yes, stunning, no.

So I picked up a couple of needles, a how to do it book and a ball of yarn at Walmart this afternoon. If my niece Megan can pick it up in an afternoon with her grandma, surely I can teach myself.

Yeah, you guessed right, if things work out, you are all getting knitted scarves for Christmas!


Britney said...

You just make me smile! Love you to pieces. :)

Roxanne said...

Oh, you'll be the cool grandma whether you can knit or not.

I really wanted to type "knit or knot." tee..hee...hee :)

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