Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday afternoon.......

.......rented "Secret Life of Bees" to watch tonight.
.......ate the most fabulous mandarin chicken salad from Wendy's.
.......took a nap that lasted and hour and a half! Ginger was curled up next to me. It was so nice, I woke up with a huge drool spot on my pillow. into my new 2 size smaller pants than I wore last summer.
.......picked Leslie up from the pool and heard how horrendous the SAT was for her this morning. That's OK baby, there is next year!
.......bought a new book to read at the Christian bookstore.
.......getting ready to go eat out supper with the whole family (that rarely happens on the weekend) at Cracker barrel then go wander around Walmart and see if I can find some cool nail polish.

Who says I'm not easy to please?


Roxanne said...

TWO sizes down? I wanna know your secret...other than gall bladder issues!

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