Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lunch Options

If you work outside the home, like I do, lunch is not really an option. (I'm gonna eat, of that you can be sure!) WHAT I eat however is always an option.  I go through periods of time where all I want is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich w/ corn chips.  I rarely eat out due to my schedule, but leftovers is my second favorite option.  When there is nothing else and my stomach is gnawing at my backbone.......I'll eat one of these that my coworker has stashed somewhere:

Usually these frozen lunches make me gag...literally and there's not much I don't eat, but today, I think Healthy Chicken Sirfry Steamers hit the spot, and for 90 calories I can't complain.  Incredible for an appetizer, now if I can decide what's for lunch :)


Heather said...

I buy those for Geoff to take to work - at midnight not too much is open. He like the Asian ones too.

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