Friday, November 20, 2009

Would a miracle cheer you up?

I get an awesome online missions magazine called "Voice of the Martyrs". I love this monthly  bulletin that tells me about people that are suffering for Jesus around the world.  Every month after I read it I feel so humbled that I have so much freedom and do so little.
Anyways, I've been following the story of two Iranian Christian sisters, Maryam and Marziah who have been held captive for a while now.  This morning I read that they were released on Thursday.  Wow! It is really a faith building story.  It makes me think, do I really understand trials?  Does the Amreican church really get it?  Do we really think the things we deal with matter in eternity?  Are most of more concerned with power struggles amongst ourselves than the power struggle of light and darkness?

This story is a beautiful example of what happens when God's people pray.  This story shows us that our brothers and sisters around the world need us to go to bat for them.  While we live in our comfort, God calls us to so much more.


Amanda said...

I'm thankful for that website also. It's always a good reminder. I miss you so much! Let's talk soon, okay?

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