Monday, November 2, 2009

Praise and worship in the mountains

This weekend was one of those times that you find yourself drawn out of your routine and you find full relaxation and quiet.  I went with some really great women to the mountains.  We were a diverse group. I love hanging out with women who are  not at all like me.  So much you can learn by just watching and listening and just soaking others wisdom.
This weekend about 30 of us hung out in a huge cabin, studied the bible together, and ate well above the legal limit of chocolate.  We stayed up late, laughed and talked, oh my how we talked.  I made some new friends, and caught up with old ones.
Most of all, I learned to let go of some things, that up until this weekend, I did not realize had stunted the growth of my faith so drastically.
The highlight of the trip for me, was meeting in this tiny little chapel, where we sang for about an hour.  It was sweet.  I imagined God leaning over heaven, and shushing His angels, so he could listen to us. We told Him how much we loved Him, we reminded each other of His goodness, and He loved us back.


Heather said...

I love weekends like that.

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