Friday, January 1, 2010


Today was surreal.We spent today in Dungannon, Virginia. This is a small town, (actually a spot in the road) where Wayne's mama was born and raised.  Lots of good memories for Wayne and his sister Lynn. Always makes them a little sad, to think about their mama, who is now in heaven. 
The cool thing about the Osborne family is that they have lived there for over six generations.  We walked through the family graveyard with Uncle George and he told us stories about Wayne's ancestors that reach back many generations.
Wayne and I talked about how blessed he is to have such a rich family heritage.  I want to be buried next to him on that mountain top. There is something kind of peaceful about "sleeping with your ancestors" as the saying goes. 

After spending the morning there, we went down and looked at his Granny's farm which has now been sold. But the new owner, who understood the value of family roots, let us walk around the farm and look at the old barn

looked at the chickens,

Family roots are so important.  It makes me so happy to know that my daughters can trace their roots back over  seven gnerations. To know that their ancestors farmed this beautiful land

and that their great, great, great uncle preached hellfire and brimstone from this church,

and that in a little town in Virginia, there are people who still farm, can vegetables, and live and love the land that their grandma's people have done for years. In fact, these people are their people, same Osborne blood runs in their veins.  Roots.....important.


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