Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Senses

..ice crystals on the windshield in the morning
..puffs of frosty breaths made from laughing mouths
..sunsets with naked trees on the drive home from work
..deer finding their supper under the oak tree

..hot coffee from the kitchen as I snuggle in my warm bed for five more minutes
..cinnamon coffee creamer
..the clean scent of my new leather gloves
..puppy breath from Ginny's new baby that wants to sit on one of our laps at all times

...warm banana bread with butter while we watch TV at night
...Blackbirds or Starbucks (so much better when shared with a pal)
...warm vegetable soup and cornbread
..sweat that rolls down my face when I run long enough to sweat in the cold

..the heater kick on in the middle of the night
..my car already running in the morning when Wayne starts it up so my seats will be warm
..the tub running and knowing I will warm up in a hot bath.
..Wayne and Ginger snoring next to me at night

..soft chenille scarf and mittens
..that burning sensation in my lungs when I start running
..like I can barely turn over in bed because of all the warm blankets over me
..The happiness inside when I come up the drive and see the porch light on. In one mad dash I'll be inside and warm!


Roxanne said...

This post makes me feel like I love winter!

Hollie said...

love it! i am totally enjoying this weather and this time of year...for all the reasons you listed! :)

Anonymous said...

Very Nice! Lynnie

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