Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The story of my coat

Way back in October, Wayne looked at the thick coat of fur on the cat and declared that we were in for  a long, really cold winter. So far, he's been exactly right. It has been COLD! Tomorrow it is even supposed to snow. For middle Georgia, that is quite and event.   Even a light dusting is cause to stay home from school, scrape up enough snow off the deck to build a mushy snowball and of course race everyone else to the store to buy all the bread and mild in sight.

With all this wintery advisory fresh in my mind, I bought both the girls a nice coat for Christmas. Beautiful pea coats. I was tired of seeing them head to church with sweatshirts.  I thought, foolishly, that my $7.00 "ski" jacket from Walmart would be all I needed.  After last weekend in snowy Virginia, shivering in my "ski' jacket, I decided yesterday that I would hit up the after Christmas sales and find a nice coat for a steal......WRONG. Evidently, every normal sized woman ( by that I mean women who eat normal food and have birthed babies through their hips) have already gotten their winter wear, because the only thing left in stores are size small and extra small. I did find  a sad little denim drawstring 80's throw back at 70% off, but NOTHING else absolutely NOTHING!
I came home in a bit of a panic. Is it my destiny to spend the rest of this winter making mad dashes from my heated car to the inside of wherever I am headed???
Today, on my lunch break, I hit Kmart and Walmart and Cato. Nope, nothing! A few rain coats, a big pillowy monstracity thing in bright fushia... I'm getting worried that this is gonna be a long winter.  On the way home I tell God, "I'd really like a pretty coat, if it's not too late, will you help me find one?"

Tonight, I walk into church, my good pal Michelle, (a much smaller size than I thank God!) walks up and tells me she has a surprise for me. She pulls out a beautiful black wool J Crew coat. Turns out, someone left it in her office last winter, it's too big for her, and she thought of me.
Of course it fits perfect. Thanks for my brand new coat God! Thanks that the little things mean as much to You as the big things. Thank you that if it matters to me, it matters to You! Thanks for keeping your child warm this winter!


Hollie said...

that is so cool! thanks for sharing! missed you tonight! i guess you were at the clinic. i came up to visit! :) hoping for snow... :)love ya!

Anonymous said...

Another one of those things that we think are too trivial to bother God with. Great story! Great God!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I'm so glad you posted this. I needed it. Love you. Lynnie

Roxanne said...

That's just like God, isn't it?

You'll have to ask Worth about His outstretched hand!

(Oh, total plus that it's a J.Crew jacket...I used to obsess over their catalog, and still distinctly remember my first shopping trip to the outlet in St. Augustine. Of couse, that's when I shopped with my parents' money!)

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