Thursday, August 19, 2010


The defendant: Willow
This is the eighth month old puppy belonging to one Miss Virginia Welch

The crime:
Destroying the property of the dog owners mother. 
One leather couch

The evidence: Picture speak a thousand words

The defense lawyer: Wayne Welch

In a  last minute argument, the defense lawyer used a loving and cuteness plea to sway the jury
In fact, the defendant was allowed in the jury box where she proceeded to lick and faces of the jury. 

The verdict: GUILTY

As a result, the judge, overcome by the pleas of the defendants owner, Virginia Welch, and the persuasion of the defendants handsome lawyer, Wayne Welch, as well as the cuteness of the defendant herself,  sentenced the defendant, one Miss Willow Muttdog, to a punishment of spending her days outside on the porch with the cats, while her owner is at school.

The prosecution, Ms. Stephanie Welch (who I think is also the judge in the case) agreed to pay for damages and is now in the process of finding an uphosltery shop in her town.

The defense lawyer, agreed to help her out with cost of damages


meganluttrull said...

You are so funny! I currently have a hole in one of the pillows on my couch from the same type of criminal! Hope you can find someone great to fix it quickly and inexpensively!

Roxanne said...

They wouldn't get away with nearly as much as they do if they weren't so darn cute!

Kim said...

you are truly a nut. Had the same thing happen at the byrd house with a sweet adorable little boy dauschund named Jody. to a brand new chair. But the little fellow is just so sweet and adorable and when he looks at you with those big eyes it just melts your heart. You can't stand to punish them.

Lynnie said...

I say throw the book at 'em and send him to the chair!!! - just not a leather chair.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing! That was great! I wouldn't be able to tolerate it but then again, you don't have possums!

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