Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Negative people are like black holes. Before you know it, you are sucked into the abyss.  One simple conversation can turn a sunny day into a thunderstorm.  Here are some simple steps to avoid negativity in yourself and others:
1)Where is it coming from?  Negativity usually comes from some reason deep inside the person.  If you understand why someone is negative, it's much more productive to address the reason for the negativity. You NEVER win trying to address the negative thoughts alone.
2)Just smile and remain completely detached.  Don't agree, don't argue.  When you get caught in the web of negativity you will be drained of all your energy.  Better yet, just make a quick exit and leave the room.
3)Say "Now tell me something positive."  This does two things, it either makes the negative person aware of just how negative they sound, or it makes them want to avoid you, because obviously you can't get sucked in. They may even stop coming to you with their whining.
4)It's not your fault.  Don't try to fix other's negativity, because  you can't. They have a problem, and don't make it yours.  Sometimes "I'm sorry" and move on is much more therapeutic for them, and you!
5)Don't be needed.  Sometimes listening to others negativity and "talking them through it" is just a way to make yourself feel needed.  How do you feel after "helping" someone?  If you feel drained, frustrated and annoyed you are being sucked into negativity
6) Keep your perspective. There are people dying of cancer. There are children starving in Kenya. There are people dying for their faith in China. These are the big issues in life. Most negativity comes from really stupid things.
7)Remember Jesus.  He never whined. He never complained. He got to the point, corrected a situation and moved on.


Hollie said...

very good ideas and points. sometimes the "eeyores" of life take out the "tigger" in us!

Lynnie said...

Are you trying to tell me something???

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