Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kenya time

During my recent trip to Kenya, there was a running joke among the team about Kenya time.  When our Kenyan leaders told a time we were leaving, you could usually tack on an hour or two. The first few days this was frustrating.  Our American minds run on minutes and seconds. About the third day, it dawned on all of us that Kenya time meant we would go when we got ready, we would stop when we were through and lunch time was when we got hungry.  It took us most the week to release our American expectations of time management.  Funny thing is, I noticed I got more done and felt less stressed when I worked in their mindset.  I never heard one Kenya talk about being "stressed" or "late" or "too busy"

So we all joked about "Is that American time, or Kenyan time?"  I purposed in my heart to try and keep the mindset of not rushing and stopping to "be in the moment".  That lasted about a week. (actually it lasted about two days until I figured out my boss was on American time not Kenyan time)

This morning my watch stopped. God whispered to me "Spend today on heaven time, not American time."  Instead of putting a new watch battery on my to do list, I laid my watch back on the dresser, picked up my beautiful bead bracelet from Kenya, and slipped it on my wrist instead.

Today, I'm living in the moment......


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