Monday, August 2, 2010

what i miss

I am emerging from the jet lag cloud I have been in for the last three days.  It has been brutal! I'm either getting older or this trip was a doozy. Either way I have been so sleepy that it has been difficult to have complete thoughts, much less try and compose any kind of meaningful post to this here blog.

I missed Wayne and the girls so much that it was a huge relief to get back on US soil.  Now that I have been home, I find that there are things about Kenya I miss.

sweet chocolate faces that lit up when they saw the "mazungas" from the USA

supper cooked by "Uncle". Fresh fried chicken, pineapples, and ugalie.

Christine. I love this girl, She's my new BFF. Can't wait to see her in September.

Kenyan sunsets

Praise and worship Congo lines.

Wonderful memories!


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