Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book on CD

I think I'm old. Seriously, in the last year I have heard and seen myself say and do things that are considered old, for example:

I've eaten oatmeal for the last few months every morning. Not the flavored packets, but the steel cut, stir for 2 minutes on the stove top oatmeal.

I've been hooked on listening to NPR on the way to work.

I have been scoping out hand lotions to help me deal with these large brown spots on the tops of my hands.

Last night I looked at the clock and told Wayne, "No wonder I'm tired, it's 10:30"

But this last one, well, it pretty much seals the deal.....I'm hooked on books on CD. 

It all started innocently enough. There was a book I wanted to read and it had been sitting on my bedisde table for about 3 weeks.  I seriously had no time. That is a sad thing when you no longer have enough time to read, but the truth is, I didn't.
 One day at work while I was cleaning out a book shelf I happened upon "The Magic Hour" audiobook by Kristin Hannah.  The book on my shelf is by the same author and I knew I like her writings.  As I announced my discovery to my coworkers, my young sweet student worker, Jessica said, "Yeah my grandma listens to those all the time in the car."

So I discreetly slid it into my bag, and said nothing to anyone........and now I'm hooked.  As I slid the CD in the car stereo, I was aware that this was just one more step I was taking down the road of aging. What's next? Geritol and estrogen patches?

The story is captivating and I am now taking the long way home trying to squeeze in the last 3 minutes of the story.  Ginny mocked me yesterday as I slowly inched up the drive in my car.  It was a critical moment and I dare not turn off the car in the middle of the court scene.  She went inside while I waited with A/C full blast, wasting gas to hear which way the judge will rule in the custody of the wolf girl. (too complicated for me to explain here, you have to read the book)

So unashamedly I embrace audiobook. Wayne is now never allowed to speak in car, he gets dirty looks if he mocks the voices of my beloved characters and I must somehow break him from asking me details of the stories when we drive to the store. He is becoming as captivated as me.

So add this to the list of my "growing older but fully embracing the benefits" list. By the way, I am taking Leslie to college orientation on Monday. It's a two and half hour drive, but no worries, we are stopping at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. If I happen to browse the audiobook stand in the general store, don't mind me, I'm just looking for Nicholas Sparks.


Caitlin Elizabeth said...

#1... I don't believe audiobooks is a sign of aging.. now if you were listening to them cuz your eyesight was so bad, then I might concede. I think it is simply a sign of our times. Busy wins. Not to mention that everything tv is horrible. You've simply found wholesome entertainment again.
#2 ... ... go register. you can even get emails once a month of their free downloads! ... I haven't listened to the ones I've downloaded cuz I can't listen in the car. CD player doesn't work and no way to listen to my iPod in there.

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