Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm moving

No not literally but in the cyber world I have a new address:

I switched over to wordpress.  I'm not sure what the deal is with Blogger, but I've had several issues and decided to make a switch. Now you can actually leave a comment if you are so inclined.

Jump on over there and see what's happening to waynes3girls!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book on CD

I think I'm old. Seriously, in the last year I have heard and seen myself say and do things that are considered old, for example:

I've eaten oatmeal for the last few months every morning. Not the flavored packets, but the steel cut, stir for 2 minutes on the stove top oatmeal.

I've been hooked on listening to NPR on the way to work.

I have been scoping out hand lotions to help me deal with these large brown spots on the tops of my hands.

Last night I looked at the clock and told Wayne, "No wonder I'm tired, it's 10:30"

But this last one, well, it pretty much seals the deal.....I'm hooked on books on CD. 

It all started innocently enough. There was a book I wanted to read and it had been sitting on my bedisde table for about 3 weeks.  I seriously had no time. That is a sad thing when you no longer have enough time to read, but the truth is, I didn't.
 One day at work while I was cleaning out a book shelf I happened upon "The Magic Hour" audiobook by Kristin Hannah.  The book on my shelf is by the same author and I knew I like her writings.  As I announced my discovery to my coworkers, my young sweet student worker, Jessica said, "Yeah my grandma listens to those all the time in the car."

So I discreetly slid it into my bag, and said nothing to anyone........and now I'm hooked.  As I slid the CD in the car stereo, I was aware that this was just one more step I was taking down the road of aging. What's next? Geritol and estrogen patches?

The story is captivating and I am now taking the long way home trying to squeeze in the last 3 minutes of the story.  Ginny mocked me yesterday as I slowly inched up the drive in my car.  It was a critical moment and I dare not turn off the car in the middle of the court scene.  She went inside while I waited with A/C full blast, wasting gas to hear which way the judge will rule in the custody of the wolf girl. (too complicated for me to explain here, you have to read the book)

So unashamedly I embrace audiobook. Wayne is now never allowed to speak in car, he gets dirty looks if he mocks the voices of my beloved characters and I must somehow break him from asking me details of the stories when we drive to the store. He is becoming as captivated as me.

So add this to the list of my "growing older but fully embracing the benefits" list. By the way, I am taking Leslie to college orientation on Monday. It's a two and half hour drive, but no worries, we are stopping at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. If I happen to browse the audiobook stand in the general store, don't mind me, I'm just looking for Nicholas Sparks.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Night

Wayne and I have gotten into the habit of sitting on the back porch swing every evening, that is when it's not 5,000 degrees. It's a good time to relax, talk about our day and watch Willow chase birds and run around like a wild  hoodlum.  She somehow thinks that she is chasing every bird she sees fly overhead and she's off the porch and across the field like a bottle rocket.  Ginger prefers to sniff around the porch and finally whine until Wayne lifts her up on the swing where she settles down between the two of us, content for one of us to scratch her ears.

These warm summer evenings are the best part of the day. Unrushed, we talk quietly about the events of the day and pause to sip our iced tea.  Some evenings there is little talk and more of a contented silence between us as we watch the  summer clouds gather and feel that warm breeze promising a sprinkle of rain before we head in.

Tonight we decided the humid muggy night air was just too stifling for outside conversation.  Wayne headed towards the recliner and Ginger made her way to her favorite spot, tucked in beside him.  No doubt both settled in to watch the "Swamp People".

I stayed out for just a minute longer. Although the air was thick and I felt beads of sweat begin to roll down my face, I turned in time to see this:

Yeah I know, poor quality picture, but in real life there was a brilliant streak of pink just above the inky black silhouette of trees.  Enough contrast to make me strain my eyes and draw in a breath. Ever so quietly I hear the Father say,

"Hey, how was your day? Did you hear me?  Did you feel me? I was right there beside you, all day. It was a good day.  I'm glad you walked with me, and that strip of pink in the sky? Well, that's just for you, I knew you'd love it."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little boy and his sisters

Once upon a time there was an adorable, wild, blond headed boy who was the baby in his family. He owned his mama's heart and was his daddy's little man.  He had two older sisters.  His eldest sister mothered him, and he terrorized the other sister.  Life was happy for him.

Every summer this family would celebrate being out of school by heading up to the mountains of Virginia,where the mother's family lived. For city kids, this was the best of times.   The boy loved it most of all when his parents left him there with his big sisters.  Although he loved to tease them, the boy loved his sisters, and they loved him.  His summer days in Virginia made memories of the best kind.  Working in Granny's garden, playing on the farm with his cousins, and riding Uncle Johnny's horse, these are the memories that come to life when he visits with the sisters.

And somedays when he and his sisters are together, those memories are relived in such away that the rest of us see those days in vibrant colors.  When I listen intently to stories that they tell, the details and endings are etched in my mind.  I smile in anticicipation of the tales of those three children I know so well.  I see their bare feet slapping along a dirt road. I hear their laughter across the green Virginia hills.  I smile when I think of the good natured shoving and chatter that fills Granny's kitchen at supper time, everyone reaching for a piece of fried chicken.

I never met Granny, or Mama. I would love to have been one of those carefree children splashing in the mountain stream.  But when the boy and his sisters, now all grown, are together, and stomachs are full from a  good meal,  they stretch out, relax and the stories flow. And I am there. I see the children. I hear Granny fussing in her mountain twang.  I see Mama, laughing at the antics of a wild little blond boy and I smile. He is a treasure that little blond boy. A treasure I know full well.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All the makings of a perfect Saturday

Sleeping late until Willow decided to lick my face at 8am
Coffee with a cool breeze on the front porch
Helping Wayne with a building project- our new chicken coop
We didn't yell, throw anything or fuss
"Bridges of Madison County" while I knit on my sweater
Headed to the big town to eat at Outback
Stopping by the yarn shop where they are having a 40% off sale
Spending the afternoon with my three favorite people

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The things that really matter in life cannot be bought or sold.  Those things can never be measured or packaged.

The things that matter most in life can only be experienced from the heart. For how can you measure love? Who can package peace? How can you weigh the value of contentment?

The true value of life is found in the quietness of a morning cup of coffee with the living word of God as He speaks deep into your soul.  The value of a sweet babies breath is impossible to figure.  Who could sell the worth of a long sweaty run that makes your limbs heavy but your heart and mind light?  There is no way I would let go of the treasure of the Wayne's smile.  My girls laughter is immeasureable.  The feel of their arms around my neck, even now, especially now, are worth their weight in gold.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I saw this yarn at Hobby Lobby I had to get it. It will make the best sweater ever!!!!I startyed on it as soona s I got home from my sister's house.
I'm making progress alhtough I admit it's hard to stay motivated on a 100% wool sweater when it's so stinkin' hot outside.  I keep telling myself I will be done and wearing this beauty on my way to the mountains this fall! 

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