Saturday, January 30, 2010

The ups and down....

This week was a bit of a roller coaster.  It doesn't help that in my highly excitable, hugely emotional mind I tend to view everything in drastic extremes. I have lots of favorites because truly, in my mind, whatever I am judging at that moment is usually catogorized by " the best" or " the worst".  There is no middle ground with me.  Call me unstable, maybe I am, but I know how to fully squeeze the enjoyment out of a moment. The downside is that mediocre days can sometimes seem horrible, catastrophic, or even tragic.  I am the queen of superlatives.  I guess that's why God gave me "steady Eddy".  The man of logic. Mr. Analytical.  The guy that brings me back to reality several times a day.  He has the uncanny ability to read the same email as me and interpret it entirely different. I can just see the writers smearks, hear the sighs, and detect sarcasm, while he just reads it as words on a screen, just a string of facts, taken at face value.

Sometimes I get frustrated when he does not understand my full on drama. His eyes glaze over as I retell the conversation WORD FOR WORD that I had with whoever it was that "ruined my day". As I continue my downward spiral, he usually stops me with a comment like " Really?"  That one word signal usually brings me down a notch and back to the land of the mentally sound.

I will say, despite the fact that he is my sounding board, my anchor in this tumultuous life I lead, I kinda feel sorry for him somedays.  He doesn't get it when I sob at the movies.  He doesn't feel that it is necessary to cry and raise his hands in worship.  He never imagines the dire consequences that can result from picking a boring movie or the wrong place to eat dinner.  No, he just ambles through life, living in the moment, rarely borrowing trouble.  He finds it easy to drift off into a nap with no worries.  His favorite response is "It'll be alright."

Living life with a complete opposite of yourself can sometimes be frustrating, but we have been blessed to find the rythmn of completing the other.  I am blessed woman that his genes are found in my girls, who although no doubt enjoy a little drama now and then mostly look through life as he does.... content.

These are my thoughts this Saturday morning about the man that sleeps beside me and drives me crazy.


Heather said...

It is wonderful but sometimes hard when God gives us just what we need.

Tina said...

Yeah, Wayne's the bomb.

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