Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bad Dreams

Occaisionally I'll have one of those weird dreams where I am falling, or standing naked in front of alot of people (nightmare for the people) or driving off a bridge.  I hate it.   Sometimes I dream and in the middle of the dream I think, Oh, I've dreamed this before." all without waking up........
NOTHING compared to Wayne's dreams.  My husband is such a mild mannered, easy going guy. Never gets upset, never gets mad, but in his dream world there are some really funky things going on.

We had only been married a few months when I was wakened from my slumber by  him, jumping up, looking out the window and telling me that there was an Indian at the foot of our bed.  I have been shaken awake and then instructed to "be very quiet. They are standing over there in the corner."
Ok so, nineteen years later, I don't even bat and eye, I gently nudge him and say "Wayne you're having abad dream. It's OK."  I've heard it all, sometimes more than once.....there's the flying Coke can in front of his face, or the howling wolves outside.  He once dreamed that I was a intruder and grabbed my arm demanding what I wanted.  Oh, he's alot of fun when he's got a pain medicine on board!

Last night was a new one to add to my list. At 3:48 am he jumped up, looked out the window and said to me "Steph do you see it?, They wrote the number "13" all over the ceiling."
That's it! No more Sci-Fi channel for two weeks for you buddy! It took me a hour to get back to sleep.

Just once, I'd love to be able to see in his dreams, It sounds like alot of fun.  I think he dreams it in psychadelic colors.


Roxanne said...

So mild-mannered, even-kiltered Wayne is a wild man in his dreams! I am cracking up invisioning him doing this to you!

meganluttrull said...

That is so funny.... I really needed to laugh today (too many days in bed can be very boring) and the thought of wayne freaking out because of a dream well... made me laugh out loud!!! Thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

I can relate...poor Wayne. Maybe you should buy one of those "dream interpretation" books?? If you do let me borrow it, cause I have this weird, recurring dream about when I was a kid in my great-grandmother's house and a locked room at the top of the stairs!!

Sally said...

Poor Wayne! I can relate. I have this recurring dream about a locked door at the top of the stairs in my great-grandmother's house.....if you buy Wayne one of those "dream interpretation" books, let me borrow it!

Sally said...

Opps...didn't think the 1st one posted! Stop laughing Roxanne!

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