Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I say all the time that Wayne would NEVER utter.......

1. Do these pants make my butt ( thighs, tummy you fill in the body part....) look fat?
2. Look at that woman in line in front of us, she has got gorgeous arms.. (he gets 2 points for thinking it but not saying it)
3. I don't know why I am crying, I just feel like I need to let it all out.
4. I don't think she ______(fill in the name of another woman) likes me.
5.Where are my keys?
6. Toby Mac is my most favorite singer in the whole wide world!
7. I'm sorry. (Couldn't resist this know it's true)
8. I'm going to take a bubble bath.

Just thinking about him saying these things makes me laugh! Thank God we're opposites!


Roxanne said...

Thinking about Wayne saying those things makes ME laugh, too! Good way to start a Monday!

meganluttrull said...

That is Funny!!!!!!! You're right, thinking about Wayne saying those things is great!

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