Friday, February 12, 2010

Inside and Out

Unlike my sis, Heather, who lives in the winter wonderland of Michigan, I live in Georgia, and snow is a reason to click your heels and celebrate! 


It just started, but according to Glenn Burns and Channel 2 Weather we are supposed to get 3-5 inches. Don't put the snow tires on just yet, he's been wrong before.

Seven decided to stay on the porch instead of the woods. He's awful glad Ginny left him a blnaket to snuggle up in.

Meanwhile, inside:

Daddy and " the girls" are on the couch watching NASCAR. Seriously, did you know that you can watch mindless racing around a track virtually any time of the day or night thanks to DISH network and the Speed channel?  What would we do without you?

I, on the other hand, have decided that I will be productive during the blizzard of 2010...knitting.
I am trying to get a Valentines Day bunny finished for my littlest bunny, Ginny before she gets back from skiing this weekend.  L& V and about twenty other kids are hitting the slopes in West Virginia. Fun times!

Oh, and coffee.  There will be lots of coffee this my tall cup!


Clyde said...

Yes Stephanie, the snow came, fell, lay for a while (albeit a short while)and then MELTED!!! Yeah! NASCAR had her wrecks at Daytona today and I had a cup for every 3 cars wrecked. I hope there was 21 cars wrecked because I had 7 cups this morning. Ahhhhh, ain't life WONDERFUL? God is soooo good. Hope you finish your kniting.

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