Sunday, February 7, 2010

Top 10 reasons why I love this day

1. What other day is totally devoted to all out worship?
2. I love playing in praise band with Danel. He is a master on the guitar.  His is teaching us to expand  worship music beyond "the way we've always done it".  Lovin' his Paul Baloche style.
3. My Sunday school class rocks! I love those girls!
4. We are taking Shantal and her doo-waps out for lunch.
5. Andy always has a surprise in his message. Today he is preaching on a passage in Matthew that I never really understood. Can't wait to hear his take on it.
6. It's gonna rain and that means a nice long afternoon nap for me.
7. I love seeing the two prettiest girls in the world dressed up for church.
8. Today is the day I assemble the bunny I've been knitting all week.
9. I have not talked to Lauren in a while and I can't wait to hug her tight.
10.The more I seek Him, the more I find Him.....


Jamie said...

Your #2 made Daniel smile. Love you!

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